When someone dies, the process of the so called inheritance starts and those who are involved, by law o by testament, have the possibility to accept or to reject the inheritance they are offered.

This could be a complicated evaluation since the heritable estate may present liabilities which could be higher than the amount of the activities: in few words, this could be bad business!

Law gives the possibility to accept the inheritance in a simply way, with the consequent acquisition of the property of goods but also of debts or to accept it with reservations. In this case, you have to recount what has been left in heritage and pay the debts only for its worth so that you don't have to pay out-of-pocket.

If this is what you want, you have to act quickly in order to receive this benefit because terms provided by Law are very short.

This second option of acceptance is the only possible in case heirs are minors or incapable of discernment or if they are associations, foundations or similar entities.

In all these cases, the Notary not only helps you to chose knowingly but also represents a fundamental support for the completion of complicated procedures concerning the acceptance and the editing of the so called inventory of the inheritance.

Our office provides assistance to privates as well as charities longing to establish a relationship of confidence to simplify the management of the legacy in their favour.

Also the rejection of inheritance could be an option to be considered: maybe to make room to others called like your sons and to avoid, in this way, a “double passage” of goods in the future, or maybe not to take doubts upon yourself or to abstain from paying inheritance taxes in case you can't take advantage on fiscal exemption. In case of rejection, our office provides for the forward of all the necessary documents by Law so that Income Revenue Authority doesn't invoke the responsibility of those who, involved in an inheritance process, decide to ignore it.

Relying on a professional in the field means not only making a responsible choice but also preserving yourself from unwelcome surprises.