In order to appear on the international market in an increasingly competitive way, more and more entrepreneurs have decided to join forces through the so-called 'network contracts', by which they can create excellent synergies, cost savings and also offer services and products to 360 degrees.

An essential element of the network contract is the so-called 'joint program network', on the basis of which entrepreneurs undertake to “work together in predetermined shapes and areas relevant to the exercise of their own businesses, or to exchange information or performance of an industrial, commercial, technical or technological field, or to exercise one or more common activities covered by the scope of their own business”.

The statutory rules governing 'business network' contracts have recently undergone some important changes.

The current regulations now offer to entrepreneurs seeking to create a network of companies, the alternative between two different legal forms: the adoption of a 'pure' model contract of an enterprise network (the so-called “network-contract”), or the creation of a new legal entity (the so-called “network-subject”). The firms of the network, in fact, by the registration in the ordinary section of the commercial Register in whose circuit it is established the head office of the network, can give life to a new legal entity, legally independent of the individual Companies participating in the contract.

We are able to follow you in the choice of creating a network of enterprises, possibly advising, together with your professional advisors, on the choice that best reflects your business needs and that best fits the need to increase your competitiveness in the national and international markets.