This is the difficult field of the so-called voluntary jurisdiction in which Judges and Notaries collaborate in the difficult task of protecting underage children or subjects incapable of intention and will.

There should be a general premise: in Italy people who are under 18 years cannot act
legally as an adult because they are not believed to be able to provide to their own interests. Even this rule suffers from a few exceptions (think of the children who, although they are 16 or older, get permission to marry) but it is a rule of general application.

For this reason, if you wish, for example, to register an asset to an underage, the process will be a little more complex, but certainly not impossible. Consider the case in which a grandparent wants to give a small apartment to his/her nephew, maybe, why not, also some shares, thinking of when he grows up. Or we can think of a child who has inherited some assets: in this case it is necessary to follow a precise procedure to make sure you act appropriately in the child's interest.

We will provide you with full support in all the steps necessary to achieve the transaction involving the underage child: we will, in fact, also prepare all the necessary actions for obtaining the necessary authorizations from the Competent Judge in charge of a sector and an area, providing you, once again, with a 360 degree service to ensure you maximum efficiency and speed.

The same precautions are planned later in the case of subjects incapable of intention and will: these are those persons who have been appointed to a Court appointed guardian or a tutor.

Even in this case, to sell or to buy goods it is necessary to obtain specific voluntary jurisdiction measures and also in this field, we can provide full assistance.

This is another sector too often neglected; even those who suffer a criminal conviction of deprivation of liberty may be subject to a limitation of their ability to act in the legal world. We will provide assistance to them in collaboration with professional partnerships of Lawyers and Barristers to help them find the appropriate solution to the specific case.